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Custom CLE Packages

Whether you are an individual looking to meet your educational requirements or a law firm looking to meet the needs of hundreds of attorneys, NBI can build you a custom CLE package.

NBI is uniquely positioned to build a customer CLE package that works for you. For 25 years, we have produced CLE content in all 50 states, in virtually every practice area, and have the ability to deliver this education across any media.

The following are some examples of custom package options available.
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Multiple Attendee Discounts

Looking to send multiple people to one live event? Or, looking for multiple people to listen to one distance learning product and receive credit? NBI offers a wide variety of multiple attendee discounts.

Custom CLE Bundles

Looking to drive the cost of CLE down in your firm? Buy a CLE Bundle from NBI. NBI can work with you to build a custom CLE package to meet your needs. By building a custom CLE package that may include live in person seminars, teleconferences, video webcasts, mp3 downloads and streaming audio programs, your professionals will not only receive high quality CLE programs, but they will also have flexibility in their viewing options.

Credit Compliance Packs

Are you an individual that is looking to build a CLE package to meet your state's minimum requirements? A credit compliance pack may be right for you. NBI will work with you to build a package that contains educational materials that are relevant to your practice at a fraction of the retail price.

In-House Seminars

If you are looking at training large groups of people in your offices and limiting out of office travel expenses, NBI can bring training right to your office. NBI In-House programs allow you to customize the training your professionals receive without leaving the office. Do you have multiple offices? Not a problem - NBI has the ability to live-video webcast the programs to multiple locations.