Colorado CLE Requirements

Required Colorado CLE Credits

45.00 Total Credit Hours


3 Years

7.00 Professional Responsibility (at least 2.00 credit hours must be in the area of equity, diversity and inclusivity)

All credit hours may be taken as live or home study programs.

Colorado CLE Reporting Deadlines

Deadline to complete CLEs: December 31

Reporting deadline: January 31

Reporting period: 3 years


How many CLE credits do you need in Colorado?

In Colorado, active status attorneys must complete 45.00 CLE credits (7.00 in professional responsibility) every 3 years to maintain good standing with the Colorado Bar. Colorado attorneys age 72 and older are exempt from CLE requirements.

When is the Colorado CLE reporting deadline?

Colorado attorneys must complete all 45.00 required credits by December 31 in their reporting year. Attorneys must report their credits by January 31 following their compliance period.

How long is the Colorado CLE reporting period, and when does it end?

The reporting period is 3 years and ends on December 31 for all attorneys. Your first compliance period begins on the date of admission or certification to the Colorado Bar and ends on December 31 of the third full calendar year following the year of admission or certification to practice law in Colorado.

How do I report my Colorado CLE credits?

Colorado is a self-reporting state. You are responsible for certifying and submitting your attendance to a CLE program or completion of a home-study program on the Colorado Supreme Court website.

Can I carry over any Colorado CLE credits?

No. You may not carry over any CLE credits. Attorneys must earn all 45.00 CLE credits within the 3-year compliance period.

How many Colorado CLE credits can I earn with home study courses?

There is no limit placed on the number of CLE credits you can earn with home study courses. Professional responsibility credits may also be earned through home study.

What are the specialty credit requirements in Colorado?

All Colorado attorneys need 7.00 professional responsibility credits which must include at least 2.00 credit hours in the area of equity, diversity, and inclusivity.

Is in-program attendance verification required to receive Colorado CLE credit?

No. In-program attendance verification is not required.

Additional CLE resources for Colorado attorneys

Are you newly admitted to the Colorado Bar? Here’s what you need to know:

What are the Colorado CLE requirements for newly admitted attorneys?

New attorneys are subject to the same CLE requirements as all other attorneys in Colorado.

Can I carry over credits I completed during my first year of practice in Colorado?

You are subject to CLE reporting beginning on the date of admission to the Colorado Bar. Any CLE credits you earn after admission to the Colorado Bar will be credited to your first compliance period. Any CLE credits earned from taking the required Practicing with Professionalism course required for bar admission will also be credited to your first compliance period.

When does my first reporting period for Colorado end?

Your first reporting period ends on December 31 of the third full calendar year following your admission to the Colorado Bar.

Are there any special credit requirements for new attorneys in Colorado?

All new Colorado attorneys admitted by On Motion, UBE Score Transfer, or as a Single Client, Judge Advocate, Military Spouse, or Law Professor must complete a mandatory one-day Practicing with Professionalism course within 6 months of their admission.

New Colorado attorneys admitted for the first time in Colorado will have completed this requirement before gaining admission to the Colorado Bar. CLE credits earned for the Practicing with Professionalism course will be applied to your first CLE compliance period.